Current Site Works – February 2020

We currently have our main groundwork contractor on site. They have been working to clear bunds of earth, bricks and rubble from various areas to the south of the Works.

When this is complete they will be laying gravel surfacing to Area 2 suitable for an open storage tenant which was part of the planning application approved in December 2019.

Once Landbuild have completed their work on Area 2 they will be moving to the middle of the site where we have had a planning application approved for the demolition of Unit 7. This demolition will enable a new security entrance to be made for Arlington complete with off-road parking for their cars and lorries which we hope will relieve traffic on Campbell Road.

All works will be carried out on weekdays, within working hours.

If you have any queries regarding the works on site please do not hesitate to email us at

Bund in Area 2
Unit 7 – The classroom
Area 2 – access
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