News Update – February 2021

The redevelopment of the southern end of the Eastleigh Works site is progressing. In line with the existing planning consent, and following fencing, utilities and resurfacing works, the first two open plots are now operational and are occupied by Sentry Self Storage and Map Group, who will use the plot as a depot for the storage of materials for their telecoms infrastructure installation business. These tenants will be using a temporary access route while the estate road goes through some minor improvements to the surfacing.

Temporary road for access to the south of Eastleigh Works

In anticipation of receiving further planning approval in the next few weeks, plans are underway for the rest of the site. Current proposals are for the removal of the unhealthy conifer trees along the boundary. This will allow the installation of the new acoustic fence to reduce noise for the residents along Campbell Road. The fencing has been designed with new planting areas facing the residential properties and, following a request by some of the residents, the mature hawthorn tree will be retained in a wildlife pocket outside the fence.

Inside the site, security fencing will be installed to the remaining open storage plots and road improvement works carried out. Lighting will be installed along the service road. This has been designed to prevent light pollution to the residents. These works are scheduled to be complete by mid-summer, subject to receiving planning approval.

Arlington Fleet Services New Access
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